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Sharing little tips to make your ballet life a tiny bit easier!

Bonjour dancers!

My name is Alicia Fabry, I am a French/American ballerina now dancing as a demi-soloist with Ballet Nice Méditerranée at the Opera de Nice, France. I started ballet in my hometown in the North of France then went on to train at English National Ballet School and Ballet Chicago, was a soloist and ballet mistress with the Carolina Ballet for 11 years and have been a teacher for 15 years in the USA and France. My ballerina career has been filled with joy but also many hardship with injuries, day to day struggles and I want to share with you my many experiences to hopefully ease your pains. I am a fighter and have a Mac Gyver (old school reference I know) attitude about things... I ALWAYS want to find a solution. So if I can help you in any way with a little (or big) something you have been dealing with, I will keep searching for an answer! Check out the form for that! And that's how I got the idea to start Ballerina problems. Dance on people! Bisous :)

Shoutouts to @jojo_mars and @xavierhphotographe for pics..

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